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Unleash the power of keeping your business organized and utilize all of the critical features in Excel in an easy to read format with this Excel Manager Tool Box Instant Download Template.  As the perfect project application that works in conjunction with Excel, this VBA template is ideal for harnessing all of the benefits that a well-organized spreadsheet can offer!  

This Excel template is perfect for the following tasks:

  • Managing team activities that will ensure the swift completion of your project.
  • Create goals that are easily understood between the boss and employees.
  • Assign tasks to each individual employee.
  • Allocate and balance efforts within your team.
  • Get a clear picture of which tasks that are already complete.
  • Assign completion dates to ensure that everyone understands priorities.
  • A visual representation of tasks to discuss during team meetings.
  • A daily reminder of when team deadlines will occur.
  • Monitor progress and increase team productivity

This project manager application is the perfect tool to have in your toolbox for business organization!  As the business manager, you will be able to complete previously complicated task management with ease. This powerful digital download will allow you to:

  • Assign tasks to individuals, so they have a clear understanding of your expectations.
  • Create reports for clarity amongst team members.
  • Visualize work in progress, enjoying a quick glance at the dashboard to see where the team stands in completion.
  • Email tasks reports to all team members and ask for feedback.
  • See the big picture of the project using an easy-to-read visual.
  • Communicate effectively with your employees regarding the project via email.
  • Print out a task report that can be utilized with meetings.
  • Take notes quickly and efficiently. This template is designed to easily let you take minutes during meetings, not after.
  • Email meeting minutes to all team members with just 2 clicks.
  • Synchronize meeting minute to-dos with the task manager.

With this Excel application, you will be able to have not only the power of great organization behind your projects, but also be one of the most straightforward task manager applications that you’ve ever used!  This VBA download is the ideal way to create amazing Excel projects that will be sure to be the best project manager that you’ve ever owned.  Take your business organization to the next level!

With this amazing instant download, you will receive:

  • Immediate download that is password protected. There is no installation, just open it and start using it.
  • One time purchase - there will never be any upgrade fees or expiration. Buy it once, use it forever. No subscription required. No monthly fees
  • A ready and easy to use Excel application. you can take advantage of the Excel knowledge you already have



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1 Zip file including an Excel file with .xlsm extension (compatible for Excel 2010 and later versions) and Notepad file with extension.txt including the activation key to start the Application
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Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Later. You will need both software installed on your computer, as well as a basic understanding of how they work. You must enable Macros in Excel to use the template.