A powerful application to manage your team remotely

Communicate tasks effectively with your employees.

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Take your meeting minutes to the next level

Take notes quickly and efficiently.

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An easy to use Task Manager with a Meeting Minutes template, all in one.

  • Get organized

    Plan work by assigning task and setting priorities to individuals, so they have a clear understanding of their goals.

  • Visualize work in progress

    Enjoy a quick glance at the dashboard to see where the team stands in completion.

  • Send alerts and e-mail reports

    Email task reports to all team members and and keep everyone aligned on goals.


  • Take notes quickly

    Take notes quickly and efficiently. This template is designed to easily let you take minutes during meetings, not after.

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Additional benefits

Remote team management

Manage team activities to ensure swift completion of your projects.

Monitor progress

Monitor progress and increase team productivity.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively with your employees.

Print reports

Print reports for clarity amongst team members for regular meetings.

Email notes quickly

Email meeting minutes to all team members with just 2 clicks.


Synchronize meeting minute to-dos with the task manager.

Keep your team on track, also remotely!

Stay on top of your work and boost team productivity with our powerful Excel Application. Quickly capture tasks, to-dos, and meeting notes. Keep your team organized, focused on their goals and projects. A simple Toolbox that meets all your needs.

This application is the perfect tool to have in your toolbox for business organization! 


Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Later. You will need both software installed on your computer, as well as a basic understanding of how they work. To use the Template, Macros must be enabled in Excel.